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A Chinese student from Yunnan University won scholarships to study at IFI

A Chinese student from Yunnan University won scholarships to study at IFI
Yang JiaYuan - an excellent student of the Foreign Language Academy, Yunnan University (China), won a scholarship of a Master's program in Information – Communication by IFI in collaboration with Toulon University, France. The program is awarded by the University of Toulon, France, in addition, graduates of this program also have the opportunity to get the jobs in France.

At the “Opening Ceremony of New Academic Year 2019-2020 and New Year Celebration 2020” organized by IFI on December 30, 2019, YANG Jiayuan represented new students to share her feelings.

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YANG Jiayuan expressed her love for French, the recognition and trust in the quality of IFI's Academic Program as well as the belief in a better future when she had the opportunity to study here. "I feel very honored to be able to speak on behalf of new students. Language is a bridge communication that helps me open up new horizons and new knowledge. As the first Chinese student at IFI, I hope that with my efforts, it will help promote Chinese-French-Vietnamese cultural exchange and help students from French-speaking countries to better understand Chinese culture ... "

YANG Jiayuan is an example of "dare to fight, dare to think, dare to do, believe in yourself", "just persevere, you can do everything well". YANG Jiayuan hopes that the students will always take the opportunity, challenge themselves, strive hard, make the life of their students enriched, bring for themselves a nice luggage when graduated.

YANG Jiayuan, who became a student of the Foreign Language Academy, Yunnan University in 2015. She won the following awards: Third Prize of Yunnan University Scholarship; Excellent Students; Excellent Volunteers; Third Prize in “English Competitions” for university students nationwide; Third Prize in “English Reading Comprehension - FLTRP Cup in 2017”; Second Prize in “Reading Comprehension Contest English-FLTRP Cup in 2018”; First Prize "French Speaking Drama Team" on Foreign Language Festival organized by Yunnan University, Third Prize in “Yunnan Province's Traditional Wushu Competition” (in 2 categories); Excellent Prize in “National Knowledge Contest on AIDS Prevention” for University Students; Excellence prize in "Knowledge of Environmental Protection Contest” for National University Students.