10 outstanding achievements of IFI in 2018

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10 outstanding achievements of IFI in 2018

The year 2018 continues to mark and witness the vigorous change of IFI with the activities of both enhancing the training work and promoting the research and application, from the purely information technology to interdisciplinary with the management mode being in conformity with the environment of research university of international quality.


1/ Perfecting the organizational structure of profession and administration of the Institute with the establishment of 03 specialized laboratories: The New and Emerging Technologies Lab (NET Lab); the Information and Communication Lab (Infocom Lab) and the Financial Technology Lab (Fintech Lab) beside the Diderot Lab.

2/ Continuing the breakthrough in the post-graduate admission, a sharp increase over that in 2017, especially admission of international students; as a result, for the first time, the number of international students is over 100 from 20 countries.

The Ceremony of the 2018-2019 Academic Year


3. Successfully launching the Master Degree Program of Information-Communications, specialized in the Digital Communications and Publishing in cooperation with Toulon University, thus making a contribution to enhancing the Institute’s interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary character.

Truyền thông chương trình Infocom tại trường đại học Ngoại Thương, HN
Infocom Program at Foreign Trade University, Hanoi​


4. Successfully organizing many short-term training programs, especially in the key technologies such as Blockchain and Fintech.​

Lễ bế giảng khóa đào tạo Advanced Blockchain
The closing ceremony of the Advanced Blockchain training course​


5/ Impressive success is obtained in international integration. Over 90% of the number of learners of the Institute has carried out their practical work abroad. The remaining 10% has practiced at the foreign invested multinational companies; 5 learners have been granted doctorate fellowships in Europe and North America; 10 learners have been recruited in Europe. The number of lecturers, experts and international learners who have come and worked at the Institute has increased by 400%.

Chuyến thăm IFI của Giám đốc khu vực châu Á - Thái Bình Dương, AUF
The visit to IFI by the Director of the Asia-Pacific region​, AUF


Boosting the cooperation and development activities at home, especially the connection and negotiation with a lot of new partners being the enterprises with a view to improving the training quality through the combination between theory and practice, and at the same time expanding the job opportunities for learners after their graduation with the initiative of apprenticeship program named “Post-Master Internship”.

Ký kết hợp tác với Viện Nghiên cứu châu Phi và Trung Đông
The signing ceremony of cooperation with the Research Institute of Africa and Middle East​


7/ Breakthrough in ideas and successful organization of a Chain of Interdisciplinary Seminars (Diderot Advanced Academic Seminars – DAAS) with 6 in-depth seminars have great reverberations.

Hội thảo quốc tế ngày 27/11/2018 với chủ đề: “Tâm lý học trẻ em và giáo dục mới: Ở Việt Nam và trên thế giới, từ quá khứ đến tương lai”
International seminar on November 27, 2018 entitled “Child psychology and new education: In Vietnam and the world, from the past to the future”​


8/ Breakthrough in the personnel work, especially attracting high-qualified experts, has initially conformed the new structure and the development strategy orientation of the Institute.

Giáo sư Alban Gabillon (École Doctorale du Pacifique) trong buổi hội thảo với sinh viên IFI
Prof. Alban Gabillon (Ėcole Doctorale due Pacifique) in a seminar with the IFI students​


9/ Effective implementation of the scientific projects and the international interdisciplinary erudition activities: Having completed a series of the research projects such as the Digitization of the French Department-ULIS; completed and introduced the FAP publications No. 2 and No. 3 and organized some other activities like Slam Poetry 2018.

Chung kết Slam thơ Việt Nam 2018 ngày 27/02/2018
The final Slam Poetry of Vietnam 2018 on February 27, 2018​


10/ Great progress in implementing the goal of financial autonomy in the 2016-2020 stage, initially creating the financial basis for the personnel work, diversifying and improving the efficiency in the professional and administrative operation of the Institute./.

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