Human Resources 4.0: Skills to analyze data and solve problems based on extensive knowledge

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On July 10th 2019, IFI, held a meeting with Alumni students of IFI and Pôle Universitaire Français, PUF Hanoi

The meeting took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Alongside, IFI lecturers and students, there were IFI and PUF alumni and representatives of IFI's business partners.

2019 07 10 VNU IFI (11)

Dr. Ngô Tự Lập,the current IFI Director emphasised that this meeting would be an excellent opportunity for students and alumni to connect and exchange information and learn about  career opportunities and cooperative programs.

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At the meeting, IFI students and alumni heard about the new sharing of human resources and technology in the era of the new industrial revolution from the companies representatives: FPT Software, IFI Solution, Viettel network , VNETGPS, Thanh Cong Pharmaceutical and Tibco Software. The key requirements for recruitment that companies request, include: Having a strong background knowledge, understanding of the new technologies, good communication skills in English, dynamic, creative, problem solving skills and data analysis. 

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Representatives of the companies, highly appreciated IFI students for their excellent foreign language skills and abilities and they intend to implement more cooperative schemes. In addition, IFI students received direct referrals and recruitment advice from businesses.

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On this occasion, IFI, VNU and IFI Solution Co., Ltd. also signed an agreement on comprehensive cooperation in the fields of training, scientific research, consultancy and technology transfers; especially in the area of information technology.

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