IFI - Top 10 Oustanding Events in 2019

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IFI - Top 10 Oustanding Events in 2019

With a vision for becoming a focal point of Francophone Community in Asia-Pacific, affirming the reputation of high quality academic programs, research and a reliable destination for international students in Vietnam, in 2019, IFI has got the 10 important achievements as follows:

1. IFI has launched an Intelligent Incubator (IFI Intelligent Incubateur  - 3I). 3I (IFI intelligent incubator) is a unit of IFI, was created to supports for startups/ entrepreneurs/ companies, our three principles are advanced technologies, smart solution and environment friendly orientation. 3I is supported by IFI’s experts and the large network of Universities, Companies, Organizations, Investment Funds and Investors from Francophone Community with more than 80 countries. 3i’s customers include: (i) Startups, (ii) Entrepreneurs, (iii) Individuals/organizations, (iv) Investors.

Vòng sơ tuyển tìm kiếm Dự án để đầu tư từ các đối tác của IFI 12/2019
The Preliminary Round of the Startup Projects for Capital Investment, 12/2019

2. IFI continues to open two traditional Masters Programs in Information Technology (SIM - Smart and Multimedia System and RSC - Data Transfer and Computer Network) for international students. In addition, IFI has successfully enrolled the INFOCOM Master of Information and Communication program with students from 10 different countries. The program is affiliated with the University of Toulon, France (top 3 of the best French programs in information and communication).

Ảnh khai giảng năm học 2018-2019
The Opening Ceremony of Academic Year 2018-2019

3. The Communication Science Program has been clearly shaped at IFI in 2019 through a series of programs: the Vertical Screen Digital Short Film contest, the International Conference on Digital Media, the launch of Masters Program in Information Communications.

The vertical screen digital short film contest attracted more than 70 entries and had 06 awards. The first prize of the contest at IFI was sent to the Courrant 3D Angoulême film festival (France) and won the "Grand Prix". The international conference on digital communication in April 2019 attracted many domestic and foreign experts and hundreds of students and lecturers....

The 1st prize in IFI's Vertical Screen Digital Short Film Contest at Courrant 3D Angoulême Film Festival (France)

4. IFI has successfully initiated and organized Franconomics 2019 for the first time. This Forum is a multidisciplinary dialogue on the application of digital technologies as well as on the future of technology for scientists, businesses, investors and policy makers both inside and outside of Francophone Community with 88 members.

This is an initiative of IFI with the goal of connecting Vietnam with the international community through annual conferences and forums, these conferences discuss about outstanding economic and social topics that Vietnam and the world are interested in. Each year, the event will be held in one province of Vietnam to create opportunities for that province to promote its image, culture and economic development potentials to attract domestic and foreign investment, as well as create opportunities to promote tourism and export local products.

IMG 5489
The Closing Ceremony of Franconomics Forum 2019 in Hưng Yên

5. Beside the international activities, IFI's activities are interdisciplinary. Within the framework of Diderot Lab, IFI successfully organized the Summer School 2019 (École d'été) in June, 2019 and the International Conference: “Internationalization of Higher Education beyond English?” in October, 2019.

The summer school was organized in collaboration with Aix University - Marseille (France) under the sponsorship of Erasmus + educational organization, which attracted more than 20 students, including those from India.

The conference was co-organized by IFI in collaboration with domestic and foreign partners: International and Comparative Education Research Group (ICE), Universiti Brunei Darussalam; Hạ Long University and the Interdisciplinary Centre for the Study of Literature in Aix-Marseille (CIELAM). More than 300 speakers and scientists from universities of Brunei, France, Korea, USA, UK ... and Vietnam were attended this conference.  

Lecturers and Students of Summer School 2019 took the souvenir photos

6. In 2019, IFI also signed a framework cooperation agreement with domestic and foreign partners such as TIBCO, VTNET, Vietnam Japan University, Aix-Marseille University, GH Hospitality, ODOC ... has created many opportunities for multilateral cooperation.

74398010 1558907787567310 631818555716796416 n
The MOU Signing Ceremony with Vietnam Japan University

7. IFI also continued to publish the scientific journal " La Francophonie in Asia Pacific" - FAP and launched the 4th magazine with the subject: "French Higher Education in the context of globalization ”.

The Launching Ceremony of FAP magazine No. 4

8. Within the framework of the Interdisciplinary Academic Forum (DAAS), IFI also successfully organized 04 international conferences: New communication in the era of digital transformation, Financial technology in smart economy, International Forum Franconomics 2019 with the topic “Digital technology for the development of smart economy and society” and “Internationalization of Higher Education beyond English?”.

2019 11 10 08 44 IMG 0899
The Closing Ceremony of the conference “Internationalization of Higher Education beyond English?” in Hạ Long University.

9. Regarding science and technology, IFI has successfully implemented the 844 science and technology project, 05 projects in Hung Yen province, 01 science project and 01 project in VNU.

10. The high quality human resource of IFi has been strengthened with the participation of 4 excellent Doctors with many years of working experience in developed countries (France, Belgium ...)

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