IFI presented gifts to international students on the occasion of the Lunar's New Year 2024

TUEsday - 06/02/2024 10:29

In the spirit of preparing for the Lunar New Year, on February 2nd, the Leadership Board of the International Francophone Institute (IFI), Vietnam National University, Hanoi, organized an intimate gathering and gift-giving session for international students living and studying at IFI. This activity holds significance in demonstrating IFI's care for international students during the festive season.

Participating in the gift-giving session were Mr. Phùng Danh Thắng, Director of IFI, Mr. Đào Tùng, Director of the Office of Academic & Student Affairs, along with representatives from various departments and units of the institute. Gift recipients included international students from countries such as Cameroon, Togo, Burkina Faso, Congo, Haiti, Benin, and others.

During the gift-giving session, Mr. Phùng Danh Thắng extended wishes for health, happiness, and success to all students. He emphasized that IFI always provides the best conditions for study and activities, ensuring that students can celebrate Tet Giap Thin safely, fully, and warmly. Head of the Institute shared that the gifts given by IFI are not just material items but also carry spiritual value, conveying warmth and care from IFI. Phung Danh Thang hoped that through this activity, international students would have special and memorable experiences of the traditional Vietnamese Tet, highlighting that "sharing this unique aspect is not only a way to preserve and develop traditional values but also plays an important role in building friendship and solidarity between Vietnam and countries around the world."

Mr. Phùng Danh Thắng, Director of IFI delivering a speech
Mr. Phùng Danh Thắng, Director of IFI delivering a speech

Representing the international students from the Master's program in Information Technology, specializing in Intelligent Systems and Multimedia (SIM), Mr. Raphael Kpoghomou expressed his gratitude to the IFI Leadership Board for always caring and encouraging international students who are far from their families. Coming from the Republic of Guinea, he hoped to continue learning more about the cultural identity, customs, and traditions of the Vietnamese people during the traditional Tet holiday. Raphael shared, "This is an opportunity for us to deeply appreciate the beautiful traditions and warm feelings of IFI in particular and the Vietnamese people in general."

Student Raphael Kpoghomou expressed his gratitude to the Leadership Board of IFI.
Student Raphael Kpoghomou expressed his gratitude to the Leadership Board of IFI

Some images from the Tet gift-giving session for international students at IFI:



Author: Dịch: Hạnh Nguyên - IFI-COM

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