Prof. Werner Krings: I have always been impacted by Vietnamese people throughout my life

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In early November 2022, Prof. Werner Krings, a German pracademic came to the International Francophone Institute of VNU (IFI) to teach the Master's program in Banking, Finance and Financial Technology (Fintech). He had a face-to-face interview with IFI and revealed some valuable information.

Vietnam has a stand-out position in Fintech in developing new technologies compared to other Southeast Asian countries


Born and raised in Germany, Professor Werner Krings is currently a practitioner-academic (pracademic), a lecturer of Finance, Financial Technology (Fintech) at the Normandie School of Management, France, with 28 years of experience in consulting, business development, and public banking service.


Regarding the potential of Fintech in Vietnam, he commented: “When I look at South Asia, I have to say that Vietnam has a stand-out position in Fintech in collaboration with Malaysia, Thailand or Singapore in developing new technologies to improve customer experience”. Relating to this, he explained that Vietnamese employees had a great mentality. Together they have created and become a positive, excited, energized, executive population. Also, he added “Vietnamese people are warm-hearted, service-oriented, passionate, and fast-paced. So the traffic is definitely something I have to get used to. But overall, I still have a good experience here.”


During his work here, the German professor compared IFI as a "small oasis" in the hub of VNU where top-reputed universities are located. He emphasized: “IFI is a nourishing learning environment with the support of latest technology makes studying here a huge experience”.


His considerable experience has been a rich source of inspiration for Mr. Krings himself to teach and do research. Recently, he has been working in cyber security for a financial supporting institution regarding safeguard data against ransomware which is also an increasingly concerned topic in Asian countries. About this issue, he frankly stated: “Vietnam has the latest technologies at their fingertips, such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, etc. to revolutionize the banking system and bring it ahead. In this way, you can secure your competitiveness on the international scale".


I have always got impacted by Vietnamese people throughout all my life

As why he chose Vietnam as his nex teaching destination, Mr. Krings said it was the way the people are here that decided him. This is something that he has been impacted through his entire life. He said: “In the past, I used to work with several Vietnamese coworkers. They all seemed things in common, like being disciplined and diligent. So when I had the opportunity to work in Vietnam, I was so happy and took the chance right away".

Upon arrival, having taught students in the Fintech Master's program, he was greatly delighted with their enthusiasm, especially during the lessons. His students, as he described, often asked him about the research document, or further knowledge about finance, banking, and Fintech for their business (as they are also bankers in daylight). Additionally, he's usually asked to help with their performance in pitching for venture investment with their clients. “This is an opportunity for me to bring my experiences into teaching, orienting, and leading students to the unknown area of knowledge," said Mr. Krings.


See Call for admission to the Master of Banking, Finance, and Financial Technology (Fintech): Here




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