Seminar: Functional, reactive programming for the noobs

TUEsday - 20/06/2023 10:26

On June 16th, the International Francophone Institute (IFI), Vietnam National University successfully organized a seminar: "Functional, reactive programming for the noobs".

The seminar welcomed speaker Benoit Tellier, the Managing Director of Linagora Vietnam and Chairman of Apache James. Representing IFI was Mr. Hồ Tường Vinh, the Vice President of Scientific and Academic Council, along with students from the Master's program in Intelligent Systems and Multimedia (SIM). Also, there were attendees who were studying and working in the field of Information Technology.

The seminar commenced with Mr. Hồ Tường Vinh introducing the subject of the Research Seminar to the students. This course offers students an opportunity to participate in seminars and enhance specialized knowledge and first-hand experiences with lecturers, researchers, and experts from both domestic and international backgrounds. Hence, the seminar "Functional, reactive programming for the noobs" was one of the sessions included in this course.

During the presentation, Mr. Benoit Tellier shared valuable knowledge with the students about functional reactive programming. Besides, he introduced practical applications of these programming methods.

Speaker Benoit Tellier
Speaker Benoit Tellier

The seminar ended successfully, creating an academic space for deep discussions between the speaker and the audience.

IFI students attending the seminar
IFI students attending the seminar

Author: Hạnh Nguyên - IFI-COM

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