List of P23 SIM students internship in France (in March, 2020)

FRIday - 06/03/2020 03:15
List of P23 SIM students internship in France (in March, 2020)

Congratulations to the P23 SIM students, Master in Intelligent Systems and Multimedia for their internship in France.
The following is a list of the students (in March, 2020): Include Full name - Nationality - Internship Company


1. ADOUM Okim Boka - Tchad - LIMICS, Pháp

2. BELLEVUE Esaie - R. Haïtï - CIRAD, Pháp 

3. BOHINBO Timothée - Cameroun - Samares Engineering, Pháp

4. CISSE  Abdoulaye - Mali - CIRAD, Pháp

5. CISSOKO Mamadou Ben Hamidou - Mali - ICube, Pháp

6. DEGUE Akouvi Mireille - Togo - CUBE UMR7357, Pháp


8. MEZATIO Eric Papain - Cameroun - Universite Grenoble Alpes, Pháp

9. NIKUE AMASSAH Djahlin Hervé  - Togo - Laboratoire PRISME-IUT de l’Indre, Pháp

10. OUEDRAOGO Inoussa - Burkina Faso - CNRS, Pháp

11. PAZIMNA Solibia - Togo - Télécom Paris, Pháp

12. PIERRE Naika - R. Haïtï - Onepoint, Pháp

13. SOUMANA HAMADOU Abdourahmane - Niger - Samares Engineering, Pháp

14. TSHITENGE  Mupuwe Jojo  - R.D.Congo - École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint Étienne, Pháp

15. YEKPLE-DJILAN Koffi Agbeka  - Togo - Montpellier , Pháp


The Master’s program in SIM will give graduates opportunities to work for many large technology companies both locally and internationally, as well as in prestigious universities and research institutes all over the world. The double degree will be granted, including: the Master in Information Technology (by Vietnam National University) and the Master in Multimedia Information Systems (by La Rochelle University, France). Taught in French, this European Standard Joint Program is recognized internationally and at this level of international  programs in Vietnam, which has been awarded the “International Standard Training Program” by the Francophonie University Association (AUF).

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