IFI Alumnus in Cambodia: “IFI is an amazing place of knowledge & bliss”

WEDnesday - 12/02/2020 03:32
IFI Alumnus in Cambodia: “IFI is an amazing place of knowledge & bliss”

On occasion of New Year, during a business trip of IFI faculties in Siem Riep, Cambodia, we met an IFI alumnus, Director of Angkor Travel company who helped us to have a great experience in the Khmer Land. The following is the sharing of Mr. Vannchheun, with his love and appreciation for IFI.

First of all, many thanks IFI for providing me a wonderful chance to speak about myself. My name is Vannchheun and I'm from Cambodia, a small country situated in the Eastern of Vietnam. The country is stunning and the people are super friendly, and you won’t immediately notice that not too long ago this country has suffered greatly.

I used to live in Vietnam-Hanoi in 2012 for studying in the Master Degree of Data Communication and Computer Networks in Institut de la Francophonie pour l'Informatique (IFI). The 2 years of time spent with this institution was the best time I had in my life and every moment spent in this campus is still precious.

IFI alumnus, Director of Angkor Travel company
IFI alumnus, Director of Angkor Travel company


Before, I was an IT guy who graduated in Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC). Finding the right path to success at the right time is really very important and for that way I had selected IFI. The friendly environment, the systematic approach towards imparting education at IFI made me a competent individual. The wide range of activities- both curricular and co-curricular- along and the support from IFI is really very helpful for my future. The faculties are really very kind and approachable when any need arises. In IFI we are trained for our placements and because of that I was placed in one of the reputed companies for my internship.

When I joined IFI, I was out of my comfort zone, IFI has helped me realize my dreams and achieve my goals. Now I am the owner of a travel company in Siem Reap City where UNESCO World Heritage Site Angkor Wat is not only one of Cambodia’s most impressive attractions but also the largest religious monument in the world. I dedicate my success to all the team members of IFI, who guided me to become a successful management professional. All knowledge that I have picked up during the program have come into use.

I am very happy to know that now IFI has grown tremendously with many newly opened Master Programs, with hundreds international students from nearly 30 countries. IFI is the institute for all students who really want to get the great living life. I cherish the memories, the favorite past times I had in my life! I look forward to keep in touch always while I am away. With IFI students, I wish you to be inspired, to explore things with curiosity and the eyes wide openand then you will discover a whole new world! Be successful and have a lot fun at IFI!

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