Modeling and Simulation Lab – MSI LAB

FRIday - 13/03/2020 08:53

Functions & Mission

- Deploying domestic and international science and technology projects in academic and applied fields associated with modeling, simulation, and intensive technologies and processes, including those in related and complementary fields;

- Organization of domestic and international workshops, conferences, and forums to exchange, advertise, disseminate, and transfer financial technologies in practice; create opportunities for cooperation, exchange of experience and research results among domestic and international scholars and researchers as well as researchers and enterprises to create innovative, highly applicable products in modeling and simulation fields;

Main research interests:

  • AI
  • Machine Learning/Deep Learning
  • Virtual Reality/Augmented Virtual Reality
  • Computer Vision

Research equipment:

• IT practice room system with nearly 100 high-configuration computers and server systems connected to the intranet

• Modern equipment system for researching: state-of-the-art programming equipment

Human resources

• Director / Head: Dr. Ho Tuong Vinh

Domestic experts:

• Dr. Dao Tung: Director of IFI-COOP, Marketing & Strategy Specialist

• MSc. Ta Dang Chi: Director of Net Lab, New Technology

• Dr. Dang Minh Tuan: Director of CMC Institute of Science & Technology, Blockchain

• Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son: Deputy General Manager of IFI-Solution

• Dr. Ly Van Bao: CTO ZeroTech

• Dr. Ta Quang Chieu: Expert of Big Data, Computer Science

• Mr. Ngo Tan Vu Khanh: Director of Develop Kaspersky Lab Vietnam

• Mr. Nguyen Tuan: Big Data & Data Analytics Expert

• Mr. Tran Thanh Trung (Panasonic): Head of Technical Department of Natural  Language Processing, Project Manager of Vietnamese, English, and Japanese language conversation systems at Panasonic R&D

• Dr. Nguyen Thi Le Trang (SIFT): Lead Analytics Consultant at SIFT Analytics Group, Southeast Asia.

Foreign experts:

• Dr. Nguyen Duy Tai, VKIS Institute, Digital transformation, Multi-agent system

 Key: IFI, IT, MSILab
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