The Future of Banking Innovation: The Next Generation Core

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On Thursday, March 21, 2024, the TechBiz event series, number 1, titled "The Future of Banking Innovation: The Next Generation Core" organized by the International Francophone Institute (IFI), Vietnam National University, Hanoi was successfully held with the participation of speaker Nghĩa Phạm.

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The inaugural TekBizSeries event, "The Future of Banking Innovation: The Next Generation Core," is a discussion series featuring presentations by domestic and international experts, advised by Professor Hồ Tường Vinh, a lecturer at IFI. TekBizSeries discusses the diverse aspects of the financial technology (Fintech) sector organized by IFI within the framework of the Master's program in Banking, Finance, and Financial Technology (Fintech). The program is held monthly to share new knowledge sources, update information, and new trends in banking, finance, and Fintech in Vietnam and worldwide.


Accompanying the first TekBizevent was speaker and expert Nghĩa Phạm, a participant in the 3rd cohort of the Master's program in FINTECH at IFI, currently a solution consulting expert with over 15 years of experience working in Australia, Singapore, and Vietnam. Mr. Nghĩa previously served as an Enterprise Architect at Techcombank and as a Solution Architect at Oracle Corporation in the Asia-Pacific region.


Opening the discussion session, Professor Hồ Tường Vinh, Vice President of the Scientific and Academic Council and lecturer at IFI, shared that the TekBizSeries is a beneficial program aimed at sharing valuable knowledge and experiences from experts in business, finance, banking, and Fintech. Professor Vinh also hopes that the students of the FINTECH Master's program will update the latest information in the industry to effectively apply it to their studies at IFI as well as to their professional work.


In his presentation, speaker Nghĩa Phạm stated that the topic of Core Banking always plays an important role as a driving force behind the development of the banking industry to create sustainable and unique financial products for customers as well as to execute related transactions. Subsequently, the audience had the opportunity to explore new approaches to Core Banking in the digital transformation era of Cloud and AI with expert Nghĩa Phạm. In this regard, the absolute flexibility and superior capabilities of Core Banking allow users to quickly deploy products with truly differentiated new features, highly personalized to provide the best experience for customers.


The speaker shared many practical issues and scenarios to provide in-depth knowledge of Core Banking. With over 100 attendees, the discussion session became lively with interesting questions and discussions aimed at understanding various aspects of Core Banking in the digital technology era.


Concluding the first episode, the series is preparing for the second episode to continue providing useful information to the audience about the banking, finance, and Fintech sectors in Vietnam and worldwide. Keep following the upcoming episodes of the TekBizSeries for the opportunity to listen and converse with banking and finance experts!


Author: Dịch: Hạnh Nguyên - IFI-COM

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