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- July 2, 1993: The Government of Vietnam and the AUPELF-UREF (currently the University Agency of La Francophonie), signed the convention relating to the implementation of the project of Francophone Institute of Informatics;

- May 13, 1997: The Institute  Francophone for Informatics was created according to the decision of the Minister of Education and Training. Granted by the AUF, the IFI was then located at the Polytechnic Institute of Hanoi and one of its main functions is to train computer masters in French. After 20 years, this training has been renowned nationally and internationally. And in scientific research, the IFI is known as a Vietnamese institute with a long tradition of cooperation with Francophonie partners.

- November 15, 2010: The IFI was transferred to the National University of Vietnam-Hanoi

- In 2012: the development of IFI is marked by the integration of PUF Hanoi

The PUF Hanoi was created by the Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2004 between the French and Vietnamese governments, during the official visit to Vietnam of French President Jacques Chirac to federate the French formations relocated to Vietnam. From 2006 to 2014, the PUF Hanoi led 8 delocalised French courses and 509 students graduated. On January 23, 2015, PUF Hanoi was renamed the Training Management Center under the direct control of the IFI.

- November 18, 2014: The Institute of  Francophone for Informatics has changed its name to the International Francophone Institute according to the decision No 4299 / QĐ-ĐHQGHN of the President of UNV Hanoi on the expansion of the fields of activities of and the IFI's development orientation into a high-quality transdisciplinary research and training center.


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