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After 25 years of development, the Francophone Institute for Innovation (hereinafter referred to as IFI), (former Institute of Francophone for Informatics); has a wide network with a great number of universities and colleges. Besides, IFI  attracts many international teachers and researchers who come to work or participate in various research projects.

Most research activities aim to make IFI a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary international research institute based on its strengths. With high-level scientific staff and modern facilities, as well as a strong network of academic and research partners from the Francophone , the IFI strives to meet development requirements of UNV Hanoi and the socio-economic development of the country.

Our strengths in scientific research  are:

* Internationality,

* Research closely related to education,

* Interdisciplinarity on the basis of computer science.

In addition to European quality training, scientific research activities play an important role in the IFI's development strategy.


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