Programme Master 2 - Systèmes Intelligents & Multimédia

The Francophone Institute for Computer Science Master 2 option Intelligent Systems & Multimedia   Option leader: Ho Tuong Vinh Introduction The students of this option who will be accepted for the double diploma program can receive the...

Recruitment 2012-2013

 Admission to IFI 2013-2014for non-vietnamese candidates The Francophone institute for computer science (IFI), from the Vietnam National University (Hanoi), is announcing its recruitment for the academic year 2013-2014. This...

Condition d'accès

IFI ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Admission is subject to an entrance examination. This examination is done every year in August. If you are accepted, then you will start your studies in October. If you are under 35 years old and ...

Equipe de recherche MSI

Equipe de recherche MSI Modélisation et Simulation Informatique de systèmes complexes   Créée en mars 2006, cette jeune équipe vise à accompagner le programme d’enseignement Master et à développer la recherche à l’IFI. Elle est...


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