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Following a research seminar session on Introduction to Free Software, the IFI Open Source student group together with some Linagora employees organized a 3-hour workshop on the contribution to free software on July 27, 2018 .

On July 27, 2018, IFI Open Source Group organized an activity on the contribution to free software, in collaboration with Mr. Benoit Tellier and other employees of Linagora. The workshop began around 9 am and lasted 3 hours in room 601 of the IFI.

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IFI Open Source Group is a group of IFI students who support and encourage the use of open source solutions, led by Mr. SONFACK Sounchio Serge class leader of promotion 22 and sponsored by Dr. NGUYEN Hong Quang,  Head of the IFI’s Master 1

Linagora is a French free software editor installed in Vietnam for several years.

Participants included members of the Open Source group  and some Linagora employees. The objective of the workshop was to introduce the contribution to free software, taking advantage of discovering the code quality standards used in these projects to take part in a collaborative process. In particular, the Workshop focused on two open source software OpenPaaS which is a platform for communication within an organization (flagship features are emails, diaries, contacts ...) as well as Apache JAMES which is the email server developed at the Apache Foundation.

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