Our strengths

All courses taught at IFI comply with European quality standard;

IFI has an extensive network of prestigious  institutes, universities in France and other countries of  the  Francophone;

Our main teachers include:

International teachers from France, Belgium, Canada: University of La Rochelle, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, University Paul Sabatier, University Louvain La Neuve, University VQAM, University Montreal, Orange, IRD, Telecom ParisTech.

Vietnamese Teachers from Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Hanoi Polytechnic Institute, Hanoi Post, and Telecommuting Institute, Can Tho University, Academy of Science and Technology  ...;

International students from regional countries and other foreign countries within the Francophone (Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, France, Cameroon, Benin, Burkina Farso, Algeria, Congo, Haiti ...);

All the IFI  courses constitute a French diploma of the LMD scheme, which is recognized in Europe and in many other countries.

The research groups are of an international and trans-disciplinary nature, notably the MSI group (Modeling and Computational Simulation of Complex Systems);

The MSI team is part of the International Joint Unit (UMMISCO) supported by the Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI) and by the Research Institute for Development (IRD).

The IFI maintains good international relations with French and Francophone partners as well as those outside the Francophone such as Japan and ASEAN countries for the implementation of transdisciplinary research projects.