State of the art facilities in IFI

THUrsday - 20/02/2020 09:05
State of the art facilities in IFI

IFI is a leader in applying technology and investing in modern equipment to help students study in the best environment. In 2019, IFI has been invested by VNU with modern technology items to serve IFI's teaching, learning and research in IT and other interdisciplinary fields at IFI.

The classrooms have been equipped with a new modern, high-configuration computer system, large-capacity projector, interactive screen, high-speed Internet connection and other supporting devices such as serveur, etc.



FI is also equipped with a new modern meeting room with 300 inch Led Screen to organize offline and online seminars, short-term training programs and other events…


In addition, IFI's laboratories have been investing in modern equipment to improve the capacity of research and technology transfer at IFI. Key laboratories such as New and Emerging Technologies Laboratory (NET Lab), specializing in applied research and transfer of new technologies such as AI, Blockchain ...; Information and Communication Laboratory (INFOCOM Lab), specialized in researching new processes and technologies in the field of digital communication, with the most modern equipment such as professional digital cameras, scanners 3D objects, 3D format camcorders, virtual reality glasses, smart interactive screens, journey camcorders, Flycam ...Infocom Lab is also the implementing unit of IFI's heritage digitalization projects. Other laboratories such as MSI Lab, Fintech Lab, Diderot Lab and Incubator 3i are also equipped with new equipment and specialized software for IFI's research and technology transfer activities.

Finally, IFI has equipped a modern music room with basic instruments to meet the needs of music and cultural exchanges between students from over 20 countries currently studying at IFI. This is an open learning space and comprehensive skills development for IFI students.



A new, spacious and modern facilities of IFI faculties and students will help expand creative thinking and bring IFI new development in the future.

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